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I am trying to compile a small application and I would like that any user has only to click on te exe file to open the file which is handled by the application. But my problem is that when I compile the application there is always a directory containing a DLL.
Is it possible to avoid that directory with DLL.

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There are “packer” tools that combine everything in to a single exe, but they have their own issues. Smart Packer is one, I believe.

Thank you Paul,

And by creating a batch file would it not be possible?
The problem is to know where is the exe file.



On Windows, most people would just use an installer to copy the exe and DLLs to Program Files and also create a shortcut in the Start menu and perhaps on the desktop.

Yes I know Paul but my application is very small and I would like to open a transparent file without any installation. In informatic everything is possible so I will continue to dig :slight_smile:

a installer would let you create a file association that would make it so the user could just double click the file and never have to open the exe itself is relevant. TL;DR: you can use an old version (2011R3) to create single file exes if you just need a really simple app.