Comparing versions

Is there anything handy that would allow me to compare to versions of my code to see what changes I’ve made?

Save as Text format, and you can use FileMerge on Mac to see the changes.

Yeah, that works to a degree. I guess what I’d like is something that finds the differences in code, line by line. I wrote such a program many moons ago for the (head down, toeing the dirt) Commodore 64. But alas, that code doesn’t port well.

That’s exactly what FileMerge does though? (as well as helping you merge the files.)

@Thomas_Tempelmann has a tool (Arbed) for doing that (directly from xojo binary format) … I think it still works. Beyond Compare and many others will do that from Text Format; not just as pretty as Thoma’s though.

Thanks, Langue. I’ll check it out.

Yes, that looks good. Thanks for the tip, Langue.

Yes, Arbed is still being updated to work with the latest Xojo version project files:

The Compare function is free.