compare if string ar identical

i have to extract data from text file (read file line by line), when i call the name by clicking in combobox list: first string of a line (data “|” as delimiter)
Like : zeus |x|y|z|
there is ambiguity between string when they are a likeness.
when calling “zeus” i get “suez”, “acrux” i get “gacrux”, etc …
any idea to avoid this conflict ?

what do you mean by this?

the comparison operators in Xojo are not ambigious… a string either is or is not equal to another

and “zeus” is NOT equal to “suez” (they contain the same letters, but they are NOT the same string)

But if you have another function that is doing the comparison… thats another story and would be up to you to change
There are many alogrithms that compare strings by what they “sound” like (Soundex Code is one)… in which case