Comparative Customer Service

I have always been impressed with the responsiveness of Xojo Customer Service (not that I have always liked the answer, but I did get answers in a short amount of time).

Recently I asked a question of the B4X customer service… in how B4I handled a particular situation… and they answered quickly…
However, their answer was as Catch-22 as it could be.

So, no answer at all, and I’m sure if I asked how B4A did it, they’d say, “Well like B4I does”…


I asked a question long time ago when I had an enterprise edition license to Xojo and the answer was… negative (strange ?).

I get the answer by my own search less than 24 hours after. The question subject was on RBScript :frowning:

I never ever asked (I think) a question to that Enterprise Edition channel.

Another experience (with Microsoft) leads me to never ever give a clue of what I tried to a support person. His answer was: “You are right, this is excatly what you have to do.”

I try to keep in memory the Prime Directive (check Star Trek TOS and following).

Sad ? Yes.
Bitter ? Yes.

If you linked to the conversation, it would be easier to understand.

If the answer was from Erel, who created all B4x software and is the only one who actually knows, then you have to ask more details.

My experience has always been that Erel provides very precise answers, not that kind of vague reply.

If it comes from anyone else, then chances are it is another user who may or may not know what he is talking about.

Sometimes there are replies of the same kind here.