Community Growth in 2014

The latest blog by Geoff is a damn good piece of news! Sounds like Xojo has a good momentum right now…

just 11 new people away from getting 5 digit :slight_smile:

It’s good thing. With the free IDE a lot more forum members were to be expected!

Yeah, but 10% of it is probably due to one guy who just can’t get over us … :wink:

And now I got that old Carpenter’s song stuck in my head: “Breaking up is haaaard to do-o-o …”

I agree on both points. While Xojo and the team have their warts (as we all do), they make amazing software that allows me to make decent xplat software.

Increased uptake and more forum users are a good thing. We always learn new things, and get to practice our exemplary interpersonal skills!

PS: Oh no, not The Carpenters…

I thought it was Neil Sedaka.

He wrote it
I think I recall the second recording of it (I wasnt around when he first recorded it)

Though some of our more valuable members are singing Taylor Swift.

Meanwhile, Xojo is also singing Taylor Swift.

[quote=153310:@Tim Parnell]Though some of our more valuable members are singing Taylor Swift.[/quote]