Communications 101

I am trying to work out if this is currently out of my experience range.
I would like a maximum of 4 iOS devices to communicate with a central device that hosts the database run by a program.

Server device initiates a program
Do the other devices connect directly to the server device or do they all need an internet connection?

What would be some steps to look at or consider?

Link to a Youtube video of a session I did having a Xojo IOS app communicating with a XojoCloud Webserver at the last in person XDC.

I made available some sample apps to the session attendees. I can locate them and send them to you if you’re interested.

Inside a network with IP Address they should be able to communicate directly with Xojo.Net.TCPSocket. Only Database that works on IOS is Sqlite. I use it locally in my example IOS app.

Hi Steve,
That would be great to see some more examples, bit of a newbie to comms.

I’ve been recently playing with AirTable and have been majorly impressed. It’s a relational database and if the database is not too huge it’s completely free.

There’s an old example app included with Xojo but their API documentation is the best I’ve ever seen. The only thing I had to think hard about is that a GET only gets you a maximum of 100 records at a time so I had to implement a timer to loop through to get all the records.

In a week of casual programming I’ve got a contact database done and if you’re in the database you can login to use it. No data is stored in the app except for a single token in a text file to keep you logged in. If the database gets changed and you’re no longer in it, you get logged out of the app.

There are 2 Database examples in the Xojo IOS folder one a Server (Mac App) and an IOS client. The client looks up a city and receives some info in return. Is it possible for the IOS client to add a record to the server Database? If so how?

if the ios client talks to a server app and requests data then its just a different setup to send data and say “insert this please”