command "vbTab" in vb6 then Xojo is command?

Hi I want to write code for msgbox string .

for excample in vb6 : msgbox “aaaaa” & vbTab & “BBB”

then Xojo ? for command VbTab

Thank you verry much …

The tab character is chrb(9).

MsgBox “aaaaa” + chrb(9) + “BBB”

then I want to add -->> “aaaaa” + chrb(9) + “BBB” into listbox1
for excample

dim strData AS string
strData = “aaaaa” + chrb(9) + “BBB”
listbox1.AddRow strData --> will aaaaaBBB

how to

Use Chr and not ChrB, since the goal here is a textual string and not raw data.