command line options while debugging console app?

I want to set the args() parameter in the Run method prior to execution from the debugger.
So lets say I wanted
c:\>myConsole myfile.txt >output.log

How would I test this in the IDE?

Highlight “Shared” in the project manager (listing on left side) and look in the Inspector.

So >log is the destination?

No, it all goes into the Command Line Arguments right above it.

But “>output.log” isn’t a command line argument. I mean, it doesn’t get passed to the program. It is used by the OS to redirect stdout. Does it still go into the Command Line Arguments field?

Yes. Xojo is starting the app using a command line command. In Unix, that’s /path/to/ Xojo takes whatever is in that field and tacks it onto the command so it comes out exactly as if that’s the way you had typed it in the Terminal.


I guess I just don’t understand how Xojo knows if >log is a parameter to be put into args() vs something that is not part of args.

Xojo doesn’t know or care. It just sends it to the command line as entered, exactly the same as if you were launching an app from the terminal.