command line arguments in Web GUI

I was wondering if the Web GUI builder can use the System.CommandLine method for sending a command to the local system where it is running from?

If you want to run commands from the command line (web or desktop), use the Shell class:

To append to Paul’s rely, you need to realize that for web apps the “local” system is the server, not the connected client.

Also, if you really meant that you want to use command line parameters on the web app itself when starting it, then yes, you can use System.CommandLine to get those parameters. But again, this is only done on the server, not at the client.

I apologize I wasn’t clear enough
To clarify what I was looking for, I want to have a Web Gui that a person can send a command to the local machine that is hosting the Web program, so if I open up the GUI in my browser to connect onto my home server I want to be able to set up a button that will send a dir to a specific directory and display the info back in a label.

For this, you can use either a Shell as Paul referenced above or a FolderItem.