Command Line Arguments bug?

I have this weird thing happening in my app. I can’t enter anything in Command Line Arguments - if I do, and I try to debug my app, Xojo just hangs and loses focus, and the BUG symbol appears next to my app name tab. No error is shown. I can get back to things by refocusing back to Xojo, and clicking the STOP button. Everything works great if I have nothing in the Command Line Arguments text field. It’s just when I put something in.

Even weirder, if I create a new project and just put something in CLA, it works. It’s just on this project. I save it as a XML Project, and I look at the XML line where it stores the CLA, and it’s blank - no gremlins or anything.

2020 r1 (can’t update, I’m beyond subscription)


I’m guessing this is a web project?

Use Project->Run Paused and launch your debug build from a terminal adding your command line arguments from there.

Make sure you are committing the command line arguments by pressing TAB or RETURN or clicking somewhere else in the IDE to cause that field to lose focus. Otherwise the value will revert when you Run.

The bug icon simply indicates that the tab is for the debugger.

You can upgrade to 2020r1.1 though.