"Command" Design Pattern

Is there anywhere a fully functionable example of the command design pattern? In “Ramblings on Realbasic” are snippets (Interface etc.) but not a full implementation with instantiation of action- (command-)classes and so on. In the examples of XOJO the command pattern does not exist.

Perhaps @Beatrix Willius can help out. There was a downloadlink for design Patterns on her homepage in the past. I believe that there was an example for the command pattern too.


Beatrix’s were posted at http://www.mothsoftware.com/download/headfirstdesignpatterns.zip

Thank you very much.

Unfortunately the second link says “Someone ate the content you were looking for.”

If you like to see more design patterns:
The download folder was renamed to downloads

link text

Thank you very much.

To open in XOJO one has to change the file extension from .rb to .rbp.