coming to London

All, I am coming to London for a few day at the end of the week of the 15th. I have to work for a client for some of the time then the rest I will be free to meet up if anyone is around. I will have my schedule more firm by midweek next week.

Let me know if any of you want to meet for a pint or meal.


let me know when you are available.

if you guys setup a local meeting in London, I could email my plugin users in London to let them know.

Lets do something on the 17th (Friday). I can do either lunch, afternoon or evening (or a mix).

Let me know what we should do. Or where to go. Then @Christian Schmitz can let his customers know about it.


PS> I am staying at a hotel near Heathrow but anywhere in metro london is good for me.

we are have an appointment in central london but do not know when yet. we can meet up for lunch or dinner depends on what time is the appointment. We will keep you posted.

seem like we might have to do the dinner thing instead. Richard have a long meeting with client in the day

Dinner works for me.

Dinner :slight_smile:
I still remember this nice restaurant in Wimbledon with all the different food in one huge buffet.

[quote=319839:@Christian Schmitz]Dinner :slight_smile:
I still remember this nice restaurant in Wimbledon with all the different food in one huge buffet.[/quote]

do you remember that restaurant name? I might hit it up while I am there.

Jimmy’s or similar.
In the same road as the Antoinette Hotel I used to stay.

Jimmy’s restaurant on The Broadway 122, London.
It’s a chain and we also visited them in Birmingham.

By the way I really missed going to Birmingham in Advent last year. I was there at least 4 times before.

I am staying out near Heathrow airport but it is a short train/tube commute into the central city.
I will have to check out Jimmy’s while I am there.
The pictures in the past was very interesting.

We had a great meal with great conversation.
Thanks to the Dukes for organizing this.
It was the highlight of my London trip.

thanks for all that came!

Thanks for coming down to see us and it was great to see you. Have a great time in Gibraltar.
Just realise we did not take any pictures at all.