(Coming Soon) Bootstrap Style for Web Edition

I have just started work on a style for Xojo Web Edition. Basically, I’m porting the style of Bootstrap over to Xojo. I have also just registered a website for my Xojo development. It’s URL is “http://ilovexojo.us”. I am carious as to how much you would pay for something like this. Let me know. I’m thinking max price maybe $99 due to supply and demand.

Give me feedback and your suggestions!

Are you sure about that URL? Just tried to get to it from my iPhone and it looks like it’s just parked at godaddy.com.

i got that too… the godaddy.com

Well, he said he just registered it. Shane, this crowd likes to see what is available today rather than future promises. It’ll be easier to assess the value of your project when you have a live demo up, source licensing terms, etc.

oops… sorry… didn’t notice that

Whatever happened with this effort?

This webpage is not available : he loves not anymore.


Excuse me, is this project still on going?

Have something to show before talking about showing it.