Combobox on Cocoa

i think i have a problem with using combobox in cocoa when setting value from code or from selection. the same code perfectly fine on carbon.

say i selected a value from the combobox and then click on a button to some search and show result in a listbox. if i move out of the combobox and do the search again, it show totally different result in the listbox like the combobox wasn’t filled in since i am check on the selected text on the dropdox instead of the value in the text portion.

What do i need specially for combo box the move from carbon to cocoa ??

Can you explain that a little more?
Which property are you using as the search criteria?

Richard I’ve reported problems with the combo box, as have others (original feedback case was filed in July 2012), autocomplete doesn’t work, etc. I can’t speak for xj but if its been over a year and an intrinsic control still hasn’t been fixed I think its safe to say its been “orphaned”. If you can provide a code example perhaps a workaround can be found.