Combobox Help Tag NOT displaying

I cannot seem to get my combobox help tag, which I set in the ide, to display when run. Is there a trick or maybe it won’t display on a 64 bit windows machine. All the other controls will display their help tags. Where should I look?

Do you have AutoComplete = ON?


It would be helpful to know what version of Windows and what version of Xojo you are using.

Hello Greg, while you wait for Paul’s report I can tell you about my tests:

  • Case 51260 say Windows 10 and Xojo 2017r3, also Windows 7
  • I tested remote debug Windows 10 and Xojo 2017r3
  • I tested same with Xojo 2016r3
  • I tested same with Xojo 2018r2
    combobox with autocomplete OFF show HelpTag and not when autocomplete is ON

I will compile Ulrich sample from the case (32bit and 64bit) and test on Windows 7 and Windows10

Sorry, I am running Windows 10 64 bit Home. I am using the latest Xojo version 2018r2 and Alberto is correct. If you don’t use autocomplete it works fine. Problem solved, but it should work either way. Thanks for all your help!