Combobox dropdown arrow in textfield

The ComboBox is not resizable in Mac but I need to associate something like that with a TextField. I want to have the user type in one’s name in about a 25 point font, but also have a list of other users available.
Is there a way of getting a dropdown arrow in textfield?

I can think of alternatives like a Listbox that will open during a MouseOver, but I’d rather have the arrow.

You could put a Canvas control next to a TextField to draw your own widget then when the user clicks it, make a listbox visible or present a dialog box where they can choose an item.

I believe the ComboBox is not resizable because it’s a native control and the OS controls how tall the control can be. Why do you need to make it bigger? Perhaps it might help to understand that part of the problem.

Thanks for replying fast.
So the user can see his/her name.

I think I’ll use the DisclosureTriangle. I’ve never used it, nor seen it used and in fact didn’t remember it being there.

I don’t even know how to change its direction.

The direction is a property you should be able to change the in inspector. Using that control is a good idea.