Combobox auto-complete problem in Windows

I have a combo box containing choices of animal genotypes. Some are identical except for different case eg it may contain 3 lines Dd, dd, BB
The problem is with auto-complete.
If the user presses b (lower case) on the keyboard with the above choices the autocomplete will fill in bB keeping the first letter as lower case even though there is no choice bB, only BB.
It works fine on Mac selecting BB only but not on Windows.

What windows version do you use? I have tested a combobox on windows 7 64Bit. When I type b (lower case), I get a new selection field in the combobox with “BB”. I can select this value and than I have “BB” as the current text in the combobox.

Sorry I wrote the post from memory, the problem actually occurs on Mac not Windows.

Add a new event “open” to the ComboBox. Enter this in the “open” event:

for i as integer = 0 to me.ListCount-1
if Lowercase(me.Text) = Lowercase(me.list(i)) then
me.text = me.list(i)
end if

Now everything that you type in uppercase or lowercase and you press the TAB key the string will be replace by your ComboBox initial list.

Ok I’ll try that.
Shouldn’t behaviour be similar to Windows and Linux where it works without extra code? Actually I’m sure it worked with Mac in previous versions of Real Basic.
Thanks for the workaround and fast response but Is it a Mac bug that I should report?

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