Combo Box's maximum number of visible rows


Is there a way to set the maximum number of visible rows? The reason for asking is that the combo box runs off the bottom of the screen, preventing the user from seeing the remaining choices.

Thank you.

You cannot adjust a ComboBox height. Normally, the OS controls how large it is and makes it scrollable if there are too many items to fit. It is possible that Linux/Pi doesn’t do that, however. You should submit a Feedback case with a sample project if you’d like us to look into it more.

You might also consider that a ComboBox with so many items in it that it doesn’t fit on the screen might be difficult to use. Perhaps a separate modal window that displays things in a ListBox might be better for this purpose.


I use a WebComboBox to let the users choose their currency prefix. It is the perfect tool for this as it lets them pick from a highly complex set of characters, or enter their own text or make it blank. This is not easy to move to a WebListBox. There are many dozens of currency prefixes, so this would be an example where I would like the list to scroll.

My second example is the sample secret questions in case you forget your password (“What was your first dog’s name?”, etc). I provide about 40 samples in a WebComboBox, so they can discard my samples and add their own. Again, this cannot easily be move to a WebListBox, and I would like the list to be able to scroll.

I also use it for Personal Titles (Mr, Ms, Mrs, Sir, Dr, Doctor, Prof, Professor, etc), Country Phone Area Codes (for ease of entry and to ensure consistency) and others lists, some large, some small.

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Byron - what version of Xojo are you using and what version of Linux are you running on the Pi?

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Hi Tim,

I am using the latest version of Raspberry Pi OS (Kernel 5.4), December 2020 release. :slight_smile: