Entitlement without using Maps?

Today iTunes Connect rejected a Binary of my Housekeeping Book with the following note:

So I added a “PlistAdditions.plist” File to my Project with the content:

[code]<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> [/code]

And iTunes Connect accepted the binary.

At no time/place in my App I am using any Locations or Maps API/Declare/what so ever…
Has anybody experienced this before and does anybody know why my binary may include references to [Maps]?

Are you using any of the iOS declare libraries? It could be that they’re declaring into something that causes this.

No. None. I use 2 macOS Declares to Center a Window and to Save/Restore the Window Position. Beds this, I only use Einhugur and MBS Plugins without having this issue with any Project before.

Sorry, made the iOS assumption as I’ve seen this there before.

Apple adds entitlement restrictions all the time. While updating the XDC app this year, it compiled fine last fall, but by the time we got to March, two new entitlements were added. My suspicion was that one of them was caused by compiling with 2018r1 which meant it was using a newer sdk.

Did you change Xojo versions recently for this project?

Yes, from a 2016 to latest (really latest :wink: ) 2018.

Right, so the macOS SDK version is newer now, so there’s likely some newer requirements.

There doesn’t seem to be any harm in adding the entitlements at the moment, but in my case I think I’d want to know which component is requiring it. My guess is that this is part of Apple’s privacy initiative because using Maps may give away the user’s location. I’m not up to date on the MBS and Einhugur plugins, are there any that call into Mapkit?

Afaik, none if which i use.

FWIW, I’ve sent two updates for two different apps in the last 72 hours and both were accepted by the MAS reviewers. I made no changes to the entitlements. They were both built with 2018r1 and MBS (although it was an older version of the plugins, version 17.1).

That’s not what I asked. Just because you’re not using them doesn’t mean that they’re not linked. In Xojo code, it could be the difference between a Declare and a Soft Declare.

Here’s what I meant…

18.1 now supports Mapkit.

The only MBS Functions I use in this Project are SplitCommaSeparatedValuesMBS, ChartDirector (Sept. 2017 Version), PNGStringToPictureMBS and of course the registerMBSPlugin Function.

I don’t know what’s causing this issue… But it’s no big issue since the Plist helped… :slight_smile: