Colors in menu like in the Finder


is there any way to add a color selection like the one in the Finder to a menu?

The answer is Yes, but you’re going to have a use a 3rd Party Library to do it. If you have the Ohanaware App Kit, I can make you an example. I only know how to do this for the Mac, btw.

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Ah, sorry. No Library. Just a little hobbyist thing. So, simply no budget.

Without the extra stuff, you would do that by having a sub menu, in which you have (n) menu items showing a menu icon of the color you want to offer.

A vertical list instead of a horizontal one.

Colors >

  •    Red
  •    Green
  •    Blue

With @Jeff_Tullin’s option, you can add a coloured icon to the menu items to show immediately the colour to the user.

:slight_smile: Yeah, I couldnt paste a picture of it here. But adding a menu icon (bitmap maybe 16 x 16) of the color will show up nicely.

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