Coloring a Control with a Web Style

Hey guys,

I’m trying to color a pop-up menu using a web style so that it matches colors of some other controls on the page. Using the eye dropper in the Xojo color picker, I grab the color of the button I want to match. It is 0x006699. Great. I go back and put that in the web style for background color. I run my app. My buttons look darker. I check the color using the color picker eye dropper. I’m told my color is 0x336699.

Why is Xojo not setting the red channel correctly?

Which platform are you running on? You may be encountering a color shift due to the color profile that is applied to your display.

Safari on El Capitan.

Well the other controls I am using to get the color are right next to mine. These other controls were created using Daniel Taylor’s Web Custom Controls.

So I don’t think it’s color shift.

Well, I ended up looking up the CSS info for the controls in question who’s color I was trying to duplicate. The color picker was NOT picking up the correct color from the browser. So I have matched my Xojo style for the control to be the same colors as the Taylor Design jQuery buttons. The colors all now matching from normal, to hover, to active, etc. So it took a little longer, but finding the style sheet for the control was worth the effort.