Colorblindness Simulators

Are there any simulators that allow one to test your app for colorblind people? I know certain colors don’t come through well or contrast horribly with others and I’d like to test my project that gets used by a fair number of people. If we can get a Mac and Windows test that would be great since colors are a bit different between platforms.

I bet we could create a color profile for your display.

Like making red and green to brown, but leave yellow and blue go through.

XScope ( has a simulator for quite a few colorblind issues, like Tritanopia, Deuteranopia etc…

Sim Daltonism (

how about window drawinto a picture and change the colors then as christian mentioned and open to view it?

That apps works fine for this.

Supposedly; If you use the “System” color constants, they’re selected to aid with color blindness.

Here’s the one I use: