Color Picker: its a bug !

I just checked with Xojo 2015 Release 3.1 and… it is definitely a bug !

MacBook Pro 13" Retina late 2014 (December)
Yosemite 10.10.5
Xojo 2015 Release 3.1

New project,
Select Window1
Add a PushButton,
Click to set a background color in the appropriate property,
Click in the color canfas,
When the Color window appears, set to RGB Sliders,
A Color Value is selected: press cmd-x

You’re done: Window1 disappears !

Feedback: 41616 - Color Picker: cmd-x cut the selected window entry

Robin says that add a PushButton is not mandatory to get the bug.

BTW: I also get bug(s) of this kind when a ListBox is frontmost at Save (Open ?) time in application and I use cmd-x. But in that case, I found a work-around and since no one chimed / reported / confirmed the bug, I never wrote a Feedback case.

The work-around was to test who is the front window (in EditCut ?) and throw away the event under condition… (I do not recall exactly).


Clarification: “A Color Value is selected” means that the content of one of the text fields for either Red, Green or Blue has to be selected (or one of the text fields for CMYK, HSV, etc.).

It also works with copying. For example select the value for Red, press Cmd-C, cancel the color picker, select App in the navigator, press Cmd-V. Boom, you have a copy of your window in your project (called Window11).

There is a second bug: while the color picker is open and front most window and receives keyboard input (isKeyWindow = YES in Cocoa-speech), the menu item for Window1 should not have check mark.

Another one, but not Xojo related is to get the Color Picker in the Finder (cmd-shift-c here).

for Mac I would suggest looking into NSColorPanel.
e.g. via MBS Plugins:

Christian, this bug is in the Xojo IDE, not in programs written in Xojo.

Yes, it seems like the color picker should be handling the “cut” command… notice that the fields for the values have grey focus rings. Seems like the color picker is just not becoming key or something. It accepts typing, just not menu shortcuts (those pass through to the code editor).