Color.IsDarkMode on iOS?

Is this available on iOS? I see you can type it in, and it auto-types the rest

I am planning for the future of an app I’m working on now that will have one image display if in light mode and a different one in dark mode, such as

if Color.IsDarkMode = True then // use a dark mode image else // use a light mode image end if

Documentation says Desktop only

Color.IsDarkMode works in iOS.

If you notice, at the top of the window, it says that the global IsDarkMode method was deprecated in 2019r3. If you click the link in there to go to Color.IsDarkMode, that page also talks about iOS, but is in fact also available on desktop.

We’ll get that fixed in the language reference shortly.

Yep, there it is Greg, thank you, and thanks for being so prompt! I assumed it was good to go since it autocompletes, but I wasn’t at the point to test it on the device