Color Hexadecimal String Incorrect?

Hello Everyone,

After attempting to convert a RGB colour to a string hexadecimal, the hexadecimal string appears to be incorrect. It is likely me, and does anyone have a workaround? Here is my code:

Msgbox CStr(RGB(35,155,150)) 

I believe the correct answer should be &h239B96 or &h239B9600 and I am getting the answer


From the format of the Examples code in the Xojo Documentation at RGB Docs it appears the format is Red, Green, Blue, Transparency.

Could someone provide an explanation where I might be doing this wrong or an explanation as to this format?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Windows 8.1, Xojo 2014 r1, desktop.

No thats actually correct

If it were &c then you should expect &cRRGGBBAA but when written as a 32 bit integer it is indeed &hAARRGGBB

Odd but true

Thanks Norman. :slight_smile: