Collateral New Feature and Question


I had to check if a file still have a wrong name in a series of items inside a master folder. [explanation below].

First of all, thanks to the FolderItem entry in the Language Reference, I was able to write (in fact, modify to my needs) an example found there.

The idea is…
In a master folder, I have one folder for each issue of a publication. In that folder, I have an archive folder (named “Graphics”) and a file named “Completists.png” appears in another folder, but it is changed to the magazine folder name in the creation process.

We all know, humans are error prone, and so I am. I had to check that, but open two times more than 200 folders is a task for the machine, not for humans.

Thus that project who will check all “Completists.png” items and report the entry in a ListBox if its parent folder is not “Graphics”. Relatively simple task you may say ?
Yes, and usually, I take AppleScript to do that, excepted that - month ago - I failed to set a correct design and I forgot how.

Maybe the fact to give an answer about the use of RowTag in this forum (yeterday ?) unlocked my brain (or because I was quiet in the coding front since days), I was able to write a project who just do that (a working skeleton).

Core of the Conversation:
During the process to resolve the errors, I noticed some entries where the error was in the “Graphics” name (I was able to make a typo there, and not once - I probably made some copies of the folder who have a wrong name -).

Thus my strange Conversation name about a collateral feature: I was able to squash two errors with the code to flag only one ! Nice :wink:

The question:
Did you meet this kind of things in your career ?

A customer asked me how he can make a search for a First Name and Family Name from a multi column ListBox where both are in contiguous colums. It takes some seconds to check and give him the answer:
Type first name + Tab + the family name… and that was it ! :wink:
That was courtesy of Xojo: I never coded the seach feature to get this result.