Where can I find a step by step instruction to codesign a XOJO application.
I have downloaded a Developer ID certificate.


Is this what you‘re looking for?

I think he is looking for this :

For Mac signing use App Wrapper by Ohanaware. I strongly recommend using the software as opposed to trying to do it on your own.
For Windows, you might start with KSoftware. They made it fairly easy to purchase a Comodo certificate and to use their software “KSign” for signing. may be helpful for macOS.

Definitely use AppWrapper if you want it to be easy.

[quote=358744:@Tim Parnell]Definitely use AppWrapper if you want it to be easy.[/quote]
Totally agree but OP does say it’s a Developer ID certificate so it may not be for the Mac App Store and if his requirements are simple, the guide that @Martin T linked to would suffice.

That is where posting in Mac or Windows channel would have been much brighter than in General. Since obviously the OP does not feel like participating in the discussion, we may never know what his platform was.

That was uncalled for. It’s only been 24 hrs and it’s a weekend. Play Nice.

Thanks to all for the help. I finally got it to work by reading