Codesign: why can't they leave it alone?

It looks like Xcode has updated itself on my machine.
Now, my code signing script has started generating errors:

line 4: 10352 Segmentation fault: 11 codesign -f --deep -s ‘Developer ID Application: MyName’ ‘/users/MyName/Documents/Mac2014/’
2015-05-21 18:52:13.254 codesign[10366:520799] Internal error unloading bundle CFBundle 0x7fbc9a437470 <(null)> (framework, not loaded)

Any one know what the problem is here?

Yes, Apple’s temporary engine is broke --deep option is now unreliable.

You need to manually go through and code sign every executable piece of code.

Oh, some have had success in downloading the latest “Command Line Tools”, while others have not.

Jeff, we found the same thing; we downloaded App Wrapper and are using that instead for now.

I also downloaded it and it appears to have signed.
Kudos to Sam!

At this point I’m trying to confirm that it actually did work (because signed or not, the app opens on my machine… how do you tell for certain?),
and decide whether the other changes that App Wrapper wants to make are suitable for me.

Impressive piece of work, though…

Try this in Terminal:

codesign --display --verbose=4 <your application path>

That should tell you if it’s signed, who by, etc.

Or you can use AppChecker:

Bought App Wrapper.
This guy deserves the money!

That’s true, but it is also a phenomenal piece of software. Worth way more than what he charges for it.

You can verify that GateKeeper signing worked; by clicking on the “Action” icon in the “Wrapping” window, and selecting “Test Application with Quarantine”. This simulates the application being download by a user. Or of you have “RB App Checker Lite” installed, you can open the wrapped application into it, from the same menu.