CodeSign rejection - 64bit

I’m using AppWrapper 3 to codeSign my app having upgraded it to 64bit.
I did a test run, wrapping the App for MAS, all seemed fine and tested fine on a different machine.
Then I realised the Help File wasn’t updated, so I updated it and reloaded it in AppWrapper (without rebuilding in Xojo).
Now running AppWrapper generates an error - “This app contains non x86_64 code. etc”.
AppWrapper also gives me a bunch of Critical Issues associated with MBS plug-ins - Illegal Paths and Missing Intel 64 bit.
But I didn’t change the code in Xojo at all, just the HTML help file (oh, and uploading Xojo 2017R2.1)


Hi James,
When you clicked the “Wrap” button the second time did it actually fail? The issues you mention are from the “Application Diagnostics” function within App Wrapper, which is designed to help track down reasons as to why a failure can occur (often when code sign fails, it’s very sparse as to why and what is the problem). If it code signs fine, then you don’t need to worry.

Sam, yes it failed - “Failed to sign /Contents…/AppName replacing existing signature unsealed contents present in bundle root”.

Huh. That’S a new one for me. Can you e-mail me the wrapping log please and I’ll take a look as soon as I can.

Simply try to wrap again and then once it’s finished (failed or not), select e-mail suppprt from the Help menu and it will create an e-mail and embed the wrapping log.