CodePad the snippets site has added Xojo to its language list.

After Sascha S and I contacted the snippets site, we both received a very nice letter from the site manager informing us about the addition of Xojo to the (long) list of supported languages.

Since Xippets went belly up, I feel this is a good replacement, with the kind of tools needed to post and find code easily.

The fact that CodePad supports many other languages is an additional asset, since sometimes we do need other languages in addition to Xojo. For instance I found a snippet for Apache to share fonts across domains, potentially useful for Web Edition. The same profits from JavaScript and JQuery. I know some Regular Expressions will be enjoyed by connoisseurs, MySQL is there too as well as Swift and Objective C. We will be in good company.

Already, Sasha has posted Use Mutex to allow only 1 instance of an Application and I added to find the size of system fonts under Windows.

We can only keep what we have by giving it away…

This is a nice URL:

Not at my computer but I think the code at won’t work properly when the following situation is encountered:


One of the duplicate B will remain as the row #4 is deleted (so the third B moves up one from row 5 into row 4), j is increased from 4 to 5, and the loop continues in row 5 -> leaves the duplicate B in row 4

P.S. Solution is of course to count down …

Maybe it would be an idea to first post code snippets here so people can check them and then put them into the repository after they’ve been scrutinized?


If aBooleanIsTrue = True then

Is redundant. Just write

If aBooleanIsTrue then

I think it would be really nice if someone at Xojo could make a (closed) CodePad Thread/Announcement and make it sticky? :slight_smile:

16 snippets posted in a couple days, that is quite a number of useful pieces of code :slight_smile: