Code Snippets Database

Does anyone know of a good Code Snippets Database.

App to use? Or a current Xojo Snippets repository?

Sorry, should have said to store your own snippets in.

Cheers Shane.

@Richard Summers may have a solution for you.

Look at Dash too…

Thanks, need it for Windows.

Cheers Shane.

Maybe this, check :

Not Xojo compatible yet. See if you can customize it (copy VB.syn to XOJO.syn and do adjusts).

Hi Rick yes I have tried it, it is a nice program, But doesn’t sort categories automatically other than that it is quite good.

Cheers Shane.

I do not know if it works in windows, try it out…

Download Project File

Are you on OS X? If so, there’s several options.
There’s CodeVue, from our own Xojo hero, Paul Lefevbre. Unfortunately it now seems to be 30 bucks?

There’s also Dash It’s also an excellent documentation browser (including Xojo’s docs).

As Mike said, @Richard Summers might have an answer for you.

Or, make your own! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! Who put that post there!

I used to use treepad lite in a previous life it was really good

The Mac App Store version of CodeVue was out-of-date and has been removed. The 2.0 version works on OS X and WIndows:

Dash and CodeBox are also nice if you use OS X.

Xojo Developer’s Library was created for Xojo, in Xojo, and lets you create different code libraries, categorize code/snippets by os/platform/xojo version and add screenshots and file attachments, offers full text searching of snippets, code, title, or description with filters, colored xojo syntax and allows “cloud,” peer-to-peer and network sharing of code and libraries. Can even encrypt the library database. Plus comes with some extra tools like vb-xojo converter, project and template manager, regex tool, database editor, and some other stuff. Have been re-writing a 2014 version. Should be ready by the end of the month. Also comes with a default library of code snippets that are really handy. It’s free :slight_smile:

You can find it on the site homepage and download from the right sidebar (not in downloads section).

CodeVue is not available in the UK MAS. // Mac // Windows