Code signing suddenly failing

Code signing has suddenly started failing with error “Code object is not signed at all”.
I am using Yosemite and even simple projects that previously signed will no longer sign.
Any ideas?

I suspect it has something to do with the following.

Thanks did that. Followed this link on the page but it didn’t help:

Then found my Developer membership expired. Paid it last June and received confirmation so have contacted Apple.
Do you still get 12 months when you pay?

yes, pay every 12 months

I don’t sell on the app store, just want to deploy on Mac without Gateway stopping it.
My membership had expired but my certificate has been signing fine for almost 9 months since then.
Matter of fact I think I may have made a mistake and run the script to confirm signing rather than actually signing it, hence the “Code not signed message”.
Is it worth paying if the certificate is good to keep using indefinitely (AUD 149/year, I would rather put it towards Xojo upgrades)?
Do you only need a new certificate for each new operating system?

You are supposed to pay every year.

If you’re trying to maximize the time you can get out of a certificate though you only need to renew every few years.

Your MAS certificate is only good for one year, but they also issue you a general Mac developer signature that’s valid for five. You can continue to sign with the outside the app store certificate after your app store certificate expires. However you will not be able to list anything in the MAS, and anything you do have listed gets removed.

You need a new certificate when they expire - it’s not based on the OS upgrades.

Thanks Tim, very informative.
That’s all I need to know.

Slightly different cause… code signing stopped working for me yesterday under Windows in a VMWare Fusion box.
VMWare was dropping the internet connection making it impossible for the code sign to contact a ‘timestamp server’
Much restoring to snapshots and updating of VMWare Fusion later, it has started to work again this morning.
Just in case anyone else experiences that…