Code signing plugins Catalina

Is there anything special I need to do to code sign the plugins for Catalina ?

Am getting told my plugins have problems in the Catalina beta. While possibly others have not that issue. I do have them all code signed, do the now also need to be notarised or something ??



Ask Christian about the codesign.

What problems did you get reported? I have lots of fun problems but your plugins work fine in Catalina (Treeview, DateControl).

Thanks for confirming those 2 working Beatrix.

I have 2 users so far that have said they don’t load, the later user reported long list of them so I assumed it were all. So a little bit in the dark on whats going on.


Can’t load means the wonderful AppTranslocation. Tell the users to do a

/usr/bin/xattr -cr /Applications/Develop/Xojo/Xojo\\

in Terminal

for all plugin parts, I run something like this:

codesign --force --sign "Developer ID Application: Christian Schmitz Software GmbH (RZ52899P4B)" -i com.monkeybreadsoftware.xojo.plugins.Registration /PluginTemp/Plugins/Registration/libMBSRegistration.cocoaintel64.dylib

This puts in an identifier and signs it.

PS: Don’t forget -install_name MBSRegistration.dylib when linking to name your dylib without using the file name.

The solution from Beatrix seems to have helped the person that had the problem. (Thanks Beatrix) and thanks Cristian for your post as well.

I am confused though what does that AppTranslocation actually do ? And also why it was affecting my plugins and not for example the MBS.

Translocation behaves like it copies your app to some random temporary location and then starts it
So your bundle is in a location that is not well known by anything other then a relative path from the bundle
And it doesnt copy any file NEXT to the application - just those IN the bundle
So again a path that looks for certain files NEXT to the app bundle will fail because they wont have been copied