Code signing fails in Sierra 10.12.2

I do Gatekeeper code signing via terminal. All of a sudden in Sierra 12.2.2 (maybe earlier versions of Sierra, too, I’m not sure) the signature is invalid. The problem is with two third party frameworks, and when I verify the signature in terminal on a Sierra 10.12.2 Mac

 spctl -a -t exec -vv 

I get this: error: rejected (embedded framework contains modified or invalid version)

Parenthetically, if I do the spctl on a Yosemite machine the same signed app is accepted.

I tried AppWrapper 3 and it, to , failed to sign, complaining about the two third-party frameworks.

Is anyone else experiencing this? So far googling hasn’t turned up anything Sierra-specific.

No issues here. I know ‘older’ versions of AW3 failed to code sign correctly for macOS, but the latest 3.6.4 does work fine.

The problem is that Sierra 10.12.2. won’t accept the signing of the third party frameworks (and AW3 halts with an fail warning), so that’s not something everyone is going to run into. And I used AW3 that was downloaded this morning.

What actually do you mean with ‘third party frameworks’ ?

Frameworks others wrote that my app uses. As I said, when signed for Gatekeeper they are accepted in previous versions of macOS, there’s something new in Sierra 10.12.2. Sam, any insights?

I recently went through hell with code signing on an app update. Went round and round with Sam for a week before I started looking at the Sparkle framework I was using. It was old and wouldn’t work on Sierra and this was why code signing was failing. Updated the framework and voila!, everything code signed again.

I think Sam was going to introduce a version check of the Sparkle Framework to let you know it’s an outdated version. But that’s in the current version and I think he said it would be next year before he added it. So you should check the version if you’re using Sparkle.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m not using Sparkle. These frameworks work fine in Sierra, btw, that’s not the problem.

Contact Sam. I know he has a beta that might help you out. And he’s very helpful with figuring it out.