Code Organization

Been working on something with lots of classes and containers. I keep them in folders. It would be useful (at least for those of us who know the alphabet) to be able to sort them.

Perhaps adding a Sort item when one right-clicks on a folder.

Try collapsing the folder and then holding Option/Alt when you expand it. I think that’s the modifier.


It’s either that or Shift. But yeah, I used to run into that issue when editing the IDE all the time.

Option key does it. Thanks.

Not exactly obvious. Given that there’s already a right-click to reveal a menu, adding “Sort” would seem to be useful.

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Agreed, if you make a feature request I’m happy to sign on.

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Well it’s not permanent, so if you save, it’s not going to change the manifest.

But dragging them does. a little odd that this doesn’t.

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It was meant as a quick way to simply alphabetize a folder, hacked in by an engineer (me) who was tired of looking through hundreds of items, when he didn’t know the name of the thing he was looking for without modifying the project. Just think of it as an undocumented Easter Egg.


I found an issue: * #57121

I’ve signed up but on the proviso that it is not automatically sorted like Properties etc.

There’s even older issues from 9, 10, and 13 years ago. Listed in order of participation count:

25482 - Provide a way to alphabetically sort project items in the navigator

30829 - Want to sort items in project by name or kind

9660 - Sort folder contents in IDE folder

In my own experiment, dragging them ALSO did not result in a permanent reordering. (in a folder)

I’ve certainly dragged the order of a Folder and saved them and had Xojo keep the order that way.

It only works with Folders, not Methods, Properties and Constants etc. They are alphabetic to start with.