Code listing ?

Hi there,

I would like to know is it is possible to have a code listing of a control instead of have to click each method or event we want to modify on the left ?
Something like

sub myMethod()


sub myMethod2()


and so on…

Thank you in advance !

You can mark more than one function (or property, or constant, or…) in the navigator. And print then.
You can also mark a window, a control, a module with all its functions, properties, classes, etc. And print then.

For editing code? No.

There is a feature request, but the current way helps you structure your code.

This is just a particularity of the Xojo developùent environment.

BTW: what is the life of one printed code ?
(How long does it takes to you to trash the printed data, once printed ?)

Thank’s Howerver I don’t want to print it but to edit it. Markus had the good answer.

It’s an other way to work. I have the habitude to have all my code directly (I code with Java , C# and so on that’s why I searched how to have all the code in one place) I give Xojo a try ^^