Code execution order

Hello I just downloaded the demo version and I’m testing it and I’m very please with the capabilities but I have found a problem
I have a button and an action to it which calls a method several times returning and writing the values to some labels. The problem is that the code waits till the full execution to display all the labels instead of displaying each one s they are coded.

Any idea how to make them execute one after another and not all together?

Put your code in a Thread that the button starts. Use a timer to update the display as needed.

Each change of a label would need to be flushed to the window as you change them
otherwise what you see is the accumulated changes all at once

You can force the UI to update as you change things using “refresh”

Now you might wonder why you have to do this at all and why controls don’t just refresh every time one of the properties that affect them is changed (like a labels text)
Modern windowing environments try to minimize the amount that they need to redraw in order to maximize throughput (frame rates)
And one label causing the entire window to need to be recomposed can / could be very slow
So the individual changes are aggregated & only the “end result” of them all is shown - hence you see only the last change drawn on screen

Refresh forces the window to redraw right then and so can be a performance hit because you’re causing the things to be recomposed before it naturally would. This may / may not be relevant to whatever it is you’re doing.

Tim’s suggestion is definitely applicable if you have code that is going to be “long running” that still needs to update the UI.
Otherwise you could have long running code that makes he UI not be responsive any more.
Again this may or may not be relevant to your situation.

The refresh seems to do the work.
I’m reading about threads also to see if it meets my needs
Thank you both