Code Editor with syntax color (free or pay)

There is a external component for code editing with syntax color, line numbering, indentation?
I tried custom-editfield, is good, but have problems with big file, and with indentation.


Quote from the Website: [quote]LexingControl Plugin is a cocoa and windows syntax highlighter of programming files for a variety of languages, such as C, D, Fortran, Basic, MySql, Lua, php, Perl, etc. As of this release, the plugin does not support Carbon anymore (if there is a demand then please notify this). This plugin is particular useful for Xojo developers who want to provide an editor for scripting of applications. The plugin provides also tools to annotate scripting files when compilation leads to errors. Various example projects show this functionality exploiting the availability of the XojoScript compiler as well as third-party script-specific compilers. A cool feature is multiple views for a single document.[/quote]

Lexing… no examples downloaded works :frowning:

I am sorry, but i am sure Mr. van Hoek is very willing to help.

The open-source CustomEditField might also be an option.

OP already tried it. Had issues big files and indentation.

You’re right. Gosh, don’t see how I missed that.