Code Editor scrolling bug?

When I need to select a bunch of code that runs below the bottom of the Xojo window, the code editor does not scroll down as I select code.

If I’m at the end of all the code, I can select from the bottom up, and the code editor pane will scroll up when the cursor reaches the top of the code editor.

I’m using macOS 12.4 and Xojo 2022 r 1.1
Video of bug below.
Non Scrolling Code Editor

Reported here:

Here is the bug report: 68490

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That’s rather “fun”, as I recall the exact opposite ten years ago (the editor would scroll down fine, but wouldn’t scroll up). The bug lasted several years.
Time to fix the other direction, now :grin:

Reported this in October 2021: xojoinc/xojo#66394

The link results in a 404. Maybe a glitch in Issues ?

Works fine here.

This is what I get in Edge:

In the address bar the address displayed is

I am located in Canada, Province of Québec. Where are you located @Martin_T ?

I saw, it’s a private case. Thats, why you can’t access. Sorry about that.

Another bug since the down of time:
the insertion cursor is at the beginning of the text (or the end…) and you want to read something below (or above).
You press the fn key and bottom arrow (or top arrow).

The insertion cursor moves…