code coverage

late last night when I couldnt sleep, I was thinking about code coverage. Code coverage is what percentage of your code is covered by some type of Unit or Functional testing. If you go to Github, you can see badges on lots of Ruby, Python and even Perl based applications showing what code coverage they have. My thoughts arent around posting I have #% of code coverage. But as a developer or as a manager of developers, I would like to know what percentage of “my code” has coverage in our “testing”.

Has anyone thought about this with Xojo? Anyone tackled it? or tried to tackle it? or am I way off base here?

I know I shouldnt post any of my 2am thoughts here until I vetted them with at least 2 cups of coffee.

Your thoughts?

I really love that. Usually use code coverage come with phpunit for my php project and currently learning the same topic to be implemented in my c project.

IMHO, it’s relative easy to implement this feature in scripting language, but dunno in “compiled language” like xojo. For function or statement coverage, probably can be implemented in Xojo. But, I don’t know how to implement branch or condition coverage.

There are code coverage tools for C, e.q. gcon (, and Java (JCoverage). So, probably it can be implemented in xojo too.