Code colors in dark mode are low contrast

like in this post (switch back and forth between light & dark mode)

// a comment that in light mode might be ok but in dark mode is nearly invisible
dim foo as integer
var bar as double
for i as integer = 0 to 99
  REM another comment
  ' yet another comment

all the colors in this are very low contrast

EDIT : they’re ok in light mode (although the red for comments is hard to distinguish from just about black - the red component is not saturated enough)


other colors that need adjustment for dark mode

 dim d as double = 188.9
 dim i as integer = 8
 dim c as color = &cff00ff00
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light or dark, usually colorful need a dark background.
bright background need dark colors.
could be tested in word / rtf.

Comments in dark mode are almost unreadable to me.

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