Code Collaboration?

I wrote a basic graphing class in Xojo as part of a project.
Unfortunately I didn’t have a budget for a toolkit and only needed some basic graphing methods.
So I wrote a class and a test harness that are able to produce basic graphs and I have put it up as a public repository on GitHub.

This will be my first attempt at using GitHub for Xojo and a public repository.
Franky before I publish a link I thought I’d review a few things here first, like security etc.

Public sounds a little to promiscuous for my liking but then I am not an expert on GitHub.

image image

Caveat may not be bug free!


I’m not an expert either, but I’m pretty sure “Public” repos on GitHub just means anybody can download a copy of your code. Any changes or additions from someone other than you, still has to be approved by you for merging. I believe this is called a “pull request”.

Public repos, whether professional or hobbyist made, are rarely bug free.

Good on you for being willing to share. Your graphs look great to me :smiley:

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Thanks for the advice and complement.

Yep I’m all good with Pull requests etc…
I guess I just wanted to be sure people could clone and then generate a pull to me to merge.

Plot Area on GitHub

I am using git in my windows bash shell… so doing this from the command line while some would be using the integrated git on the new releases of Xojo. So sweet.

I am a little concerned that if someone added horizontal lines and multiple lines the line graph or bar graph and pushed their changes, that they would have to be in the same version as my IDE which is like 2019R1.

Anyhow clone away!


FWW Xojo now has a chart class by default which is pretty good.

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Xojo now has a chart class by default which is pretty good.

the chart was added in desktop xojo after the web got js chart.

I am using git in my windows bash shell

btw this is a nice tool you can use also for local repositories.

To be frank I feel for the moment I should stay with the command line.
Things in git seem to be gelling in my brain, where i had extreme anxiety when dealing with RCS, CVS PVCS, Subversion, etc etc…