Code Check Please.

If I want users to be able to drop a jpg image into my canvas - is my code below correct?
I understand that I also need to define the file types in a file type set, but just need to know if my code below is the correct way to do this.

Or is there a better way.

If Obj.PictureAvailable then me.image=obj.picture Elseif Obj.FolderItemAvailable then me.image=Picture.Open(obj.FolderItem) End if

Canvas has no IMAGE property

you might want to create a global PICTURE object (call if P)

in your Canvas Paint Event put

if p<>nil then g.drawpicture p,0,0

In the canvas DROPOBJECT event

If Obj.PictureAvailable then
  p=new picture(obj.picture.width,obj.picture.height) obj.picture,0,0
Elseif Obj.FolderItemAvailable then
End if

Whoops - my mistake.

Thanks Dave.