cmd-Q not working

I thought I remembered a prior conversation about this but couldn’t find it.

macOS 10.12.6 Xojo 2017R2.1

The Command-Q doesn’t cause my app to quite - in debug mode or from built .app

What could cause this?


I had that, but sometimes (once or twice only).

my problem seems to be consistent

Do you get the system error sound? That would indicate the shortcut isn’t in place.
(the same sound you get from Beep())

Do you have multiple MenuHandlers for your Quit MenuItem? The wrong handler could be consuming it.

Other than those guesses, can you replicate it in a simple project?
Are you able to share your example project where it isn’t working?


I suppose you do the usual things:

clear the Xojo cache folder,
delete the xojo IDE folder and reinstall it from a fresh download,
Run Xojo from a different user (new session) ?
Run the project in demo mode in another computer,
etc. (I forgot),
Build your project as a fresh application (after delete the prior version).

Did you try to boot in plane mode (AirPort OFF) and run Xojo ?

@Tim: I run my macOS computer sound off 99% of the time because I do not want to disturb others / i am tired (really tired) to get beep (sounds) everytime from Xojo (most of the time). Xojo beeps each time the user (us) do something not allowed.
But this is just me.

BTW: I discovered a bug in an old application (in house use only) four or five years later: a beep appears a day I forgot to set the sound OFF :frowning:

No beeps or other sound.
Only the default cmd-Q - nothing the application menu handlers…

32 or 64 bit?
Possibly related to at all?

Does the Quit menu item work as normal when selected with the mouse?

Gavin - yes
Tim - 32

Does it happen in a new project?

You could build a project and share with it us to test, if you like?