Cloud Upload Failure

Quick survey. Do your uploads to cloud go smoothly? How often do they fail?

I have a lot of upload failures to Xojo cloud. (I.m moving 60 Megs with each upload.) Perhaps 50% of the time I get the dreaded “Please try again later” after 6 minutes of upload. (Oddly I can see the files in using SFTP, they just don’t launch properly)

I usually go as far as to remove all the applications form could (we have 3) and restart the server. Even when we do this we still failures.

Xojo Inc (Greg and Geoff especially) has been extremely good to me in trying to resolve some cloud issues, but I could really use some input from others as I cannot tell if this upload problem is unique to me or others are seeing it too.

A follow up to anyone who may stumble on to this posting in the future.

Some thoughts

If the upload progress bar show an upload then you get the failure notice, it could mean that the app is uploading to cloud successfully but has issues on launch. Look in the control panel and see if it is there (Note the time and date stamps) or look using SFTP. If its there it may be your code failing to launch (

When thing go wonky, i have a tendency to throw a ton of debug tools at the issue. Pings, Traceroute, SFTP, Re-uploading etc. Cloud security does not like this and will shut you out for ten minutes.

Adding logging code is the only way to see what is going on as you cant run a debugger. BEWARE that to a text file can make things worse. If 2 sessions grab the text fie to log at the same time bad things result. This is true with any file (folderitem) external to Xojo. Code a traffic cop. This become very hard to test on cloud as you don’t know who on the web may be hitting the app and its hard to control.

All in all Cloud is really good, but it adds issues that are very hard to test in you local machine. And if you develop on a Mac or Windows, remember could is Linux and you will have other OS level things you need to concern yourself with.

Xojo cloud in new. Xojo has been very helpful in getting the issues resolved and watching us so that they can expand the useful feature set.

Hope this helps.