Closing IDE Project Main Editor Window stops running app without warning

I just noticed that closing a running / debug project’s editor window (oops :O) results in the app stopping and no warning as in previous versions of Xojo / RS. It does warn about saving if there are code changes, but doesn’t if the code’s unchanged.

Anyone else witness this? New “feature”, or bug?

never noticed before, but your post prompted me to test it… and yes you are correct… (OSX)

It’s essentially no different than hitting the stop button in the debugger. I say neither bug nor feature. It’s just the way it is.

I didn’t say close the run tab, but the IDE edit window (I use floating palettes) … previously, if we were debugging a project and closed the IDE editor, we were warned that we were currently debugging an application.

Here’s the old warning I’m talking about:

Yes, I’ve noticed it because I have closed the IDE by error some times and I had to open it again.
In fact I didn’t remember how it was before, but I would prefer to have a warning even if there is no change in my program.

Bug report created. Please sign on. feedback://showreport?report_id=37609