Closing database connections after stopping Debug

I realized that rightly stopping debugging from the ide (windows 11 2021r2.1) does not call destroyers or session/App close events. The problem is that on normal objects nothing happens because I think they are destroyed anyway, but the database connections remain open.

In the “normal” test environment this is not a problem, but lately I’ve been testing on quite large data sets and I couldn’t understand why the server ram memory was always so high.
Maybe I’m wrong and this is not the case. Has anyone already experienced this problem? Do you have any suggestions?

try to quit the app as normaly as possible to close all the required files…
if you stop the debug, nothing is closed.

I know you’re right. The only solution I see so far is to use App.quit, but until r3 comes out in the webApps it generates an exception. But it would be really inconvenient, now it’s a habit to stop debugging from the IDE make changes and relaunch.

on my web app I have a button to quit on the main page
the button is visible only in debug mode

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