close find/error/message window

Is there any way to close the find/error/message window once it comes up? I’ve started using Xojo on a laptop and it’s taking up valuable space.

Clicking on the buttons at the bottom makes it toggle

Thanks Norman, but I’m looking for a way to get rid of the window so I can see more code.

Robert, just click on it again, the whole section will be close.

It toggles open & closed

uhhhhh… time to call it a day. thank you!

Apparently nobody could give a good answer to this. The only way I have found to remove the “Find” window is to stop and restart XOJO. This is NOT satisfactory. I would like a better answer.

I’m not sure what other way to word Norman and Richard’s replies but I’ll try. If you click one of these three icons - the Find icon, for example - the pane will slide up with the Find part of it displayed. To remove the pane, click the same button (the Find one, not a different one). It should slide back down, revealing a larger code editor.

There’s a Feedback case to have keyboard shortcuts (I’m on an iPhone right now so I can’t check the case number)


Well, when I click the Find icon – or anything else in that window, for that matter – nothing happens. The window stays exactly the same. So I would still like to know how to close it.

are you clicking the FIND icon on the far LEFT (near the search text entry)?
or one of the 3 icons in the CENTER/BOTTOM (mag glass, warning sign, rss radar)… those are the proper ones
and you have to click the correct one … othewise it just switches the content

Okay, I finally figured out that it’s nothing on the pane; it’s the icons below the pane that control it. Duh. Thanks to you who have much patience.