Clipboard.Text holds an array and…

Clipboard holds an array (of text that ends with an EndOfLine character), but I cannot extract the data… the way I wanted to because the EndOfLine character is… a Chr(13), not an EndOfLine Character !

originally, I wanted to assign the Clipboard contents to an array, but this does not worked: I only get the first entry.

Now, I use NthField(Clip.Text,Chr(13),LoopIdx) in a Loop to get the Clipboard array contents.

Is it a good way ?

Advice(s) is(are) needed.


Pull clip.text into a variable and run ReplaceLineEndings on it first.

Thank you.

Will do.

Also, using NthField is way too slow, I used the array and the speed difference is nice.

I forgot how I put Clip.Text into an array variable, but I do that.

Then I used ArrVar(LoopIdx) instead of NthField(Clip.Text,Chr(EndOfFile),LoopIdx)

Sometimes, a little help is really needed.