What’s the replacement for Clipboard.AddRawData?

Autocomplete suggests “AddRawData” but this is deprecated:

Instead we should use “RawData” but there we can only read a value from the clipboard:

its deprecated 2019r2 in online manual but still there.
maybe they made the rename undone.
i think you can add it to the feedback tool.

Looks like a bug somewhere.

The code below in a newly created project with 2019r3.1 works without warning…

[code]Dim c As New Clipboard

c.AddRawData “Mooc”,“This is a text data”


RawData seems to be documented wrong
It has a read and write form

and addrawdata is still there just wont autocomplete
I filed 3 new bug reports about the clipboard issues

One is closed.

There is n lst of DataType in the Clipboard documentation.

yeah the autocomplete one but since the RAWDATA assigns version (which is screwy) isnt documented I guess you cant show it